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Syinsi 1U analog tiles

Syinsi 1U analog tiles  ·  Source: Syinsi

Syinsi have released a range of 1U analog tiles with all the building blocks for a full-blown modular synthesizer. 

1U modular?

It’s a format associated with 3U Eurorack. Many Eurorack cases have an extra 1U row for 1U modules of which there are plenty. They normally take on more utility duties like patch routing, mixing, attenuators and that sort of thing. But Syinsi are determined to show that small can be beautiful and musical too.

The modules include a classic saw oscillator, single channel VCA, lowpass filter, AR envelope, three oscillator LFO, buffered multiple, 4 channel mixer, crossfade mixer, CV scale off-set and a pedal effects send and return. They also have a tiny 1U CV Touch Keyboard and some clock tiles for multiplying, dividing and MIDI clock.

If you don’t have a 1U row in your system then you can add three tiles in a handy 3U 10hp Eurorack tile adapter. Or, alternatively, they have a 3U x 4U Tile Skiff Case which looks pretty nifty.

The tiles tend to cost from $20 for a kit and $65 for a built and testing module, but prices can vary depending on complexibility and functionality. It’s quite a neat and cheap way to expand the possibilities in your Eurorack. Or with the case costing around $65 for the kit you could your hands on one for something in the region of $300 for a complete synthesizer.

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