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Elektron Syntakt?

Elektron Syntakt?  ·  Source: Elektron/Robin Vincent

Elektron Syntakt trademark

Elektron Syntakt trademark  ·  Source: Elektronauts


It’s come to light that Elektron has applied to trademark the name SYNTAKT in Sweden. From there we can invent all sorts of possibilities.



It’s a very Elektron-esque kind of work that references the Digitakt and the word synthesizer. Although, according to Google Translate Syn means “sight”, “view” or “vision” and Takt means “rate”, “pace” or “beat” in Swedish. So it could be a pacey vision, a view of beats or sighting rates or something. Hmm, mysterious.


This first came to light on Reddit and then found its way on the Elektronauts forum where much fun and discussion has been had over what on earth it could mean. It could be a synth expansion for the Digitakt drum machine and sampler, or it could be a sandwich maker marking a new and unexpected direction for Elektron. I guess you’d put your money down on a synthesizer version of the Digitakt – a drum machine with a synthesizer core rather than a sample-based one. They don’t have anything wavetable based in their current product line. Or maybe Elektron is just speculating on an idea and thought it would be a good word to nab in Sweden.

It’s probably nothing and with no presence at Superbooth this year we won’t be able to pin them down with constant face-to-face questioning. Please share your thoughts in the comments below while I try to find something more concrete to talk about.

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Elektron Syntakt?

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4 responses to “Superbooth 2021: Elektron registers SYNTAKT name as a trademark”

    Florian Zand says:

    “… and with no Superbooth presence this year…”
    But there is?

      Robin Vincent says:

      Is there? Elektron is not on the list of exhibitors. Or have you misunderstood me? Maybe it’s clearer if I say “with no presence at Superbooth this year”?

    Petr Slov says:

    Firstly they should have googled syntakt as it used to be a watch maker I think?!? Also syntakt is a greek word..

    Lou says:

    C’est sûrement une machine drum..

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