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Elektron Syntakt

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The new Elektron Syntakt is official! The 12-track hybrid digital / analog groovebox is available now, priced EUR 949. It appears incredibly capable – like about 3 times the Analog Four’s synth and sequencing power inside a box the size of the Digitakt. But let’s give my enthusiasm some space for the time being and stick to the facts. If you read the leaked infos, you know most of them already. Here is everything else we have at the time of launch…


Elektron Syntakt

The Syntakt is a hybrid groovebox with 8 digital synthesis tracks, 4 analog drum synth tracks, integrated sequencing and effects. There is no sampling involved. I assume Elektron has carefully thought out the omission of sample playback and recording from an instrument which lends itself to such functionality. So I don’t feel like questioning their choices.

The Syntakt architecture has 8 digital synthesis tracks presenting a choice of 10 machines (Elektron parlance for sound generators). The 4 analog drum machine tracks are laid out as follows: 3 analog drum tracks with a choice of 15 machines and 1 analog cymbal track with a choice of 12 machines. That aside, any of the 12 tracks can be used for MIDI sequencing in place of synthesis. There is also a dedicated FX track which exists separately from the 12 synthesis/MIDI tracks.

Each of the 8 digital synth tracks offers digital overdrive, digital multimode filter, digital base-widthfilter and dual LFOs for sound shaping. For each of the 3 analog drum tracks and the 1 cymbal track, there are analog overdrive, analog multimode filter, and 2 LFOs. The additional FX track has delay, reverb, analog overdrive, and other options which may or may not be similar to what’s available in the rest of the -takt machines.


The sequencer supports 64 steps per track and pattern, complete with individual pattern lengths and time scale multipliers per track. Parameter locks and trig manipulations are par for the course, too. A keyboard mode with a choice of 36 scales to play around with is also present.

Connectivity-wise, the Syntakt is equipped with MIDI In/Out/Thru connections, L/R inputs, L/R outputs, and a headphone output – all on 6.3mm jacks. There is also a USB Type-B port for computer connection. The unit measures 215 x 176 x 63 mm and weighs 1.53kg.

I’d love to be able to offer deeper insight into the Syntakt, but it’s honestly been a while since I kept a close eye on Elektron developments and I’m fairly out of the loop compared to all the passionate elektronauts out there. I’ll be taking a seat back and watching the buzz in the days and weeks ahead with sincere interest.

Price and availability information

The Elektron Syntakt is priced EUR 949 (incl. VAT) and available now from Elektron and its dealers, such as Thomann (affiliate link). It’s the priciest out of the -takt boxes by far, possibly owing to increased supplier expenses and the comparatively greater synthesis power it wields.

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Elektron Syntakt

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6 responses to “Elektron Syntakt is official: 3x the A4 at half the size?”

    Carlos Blunttanna says:

    On sheet everything is fine and superb then i close my eyes i hear the sounds and im like… mehh… nothing special, fresh etc

    Champ says:

    Love it!

    What I hate though is the same biased YouTube reviewers getting the first units again. I dislike them so much with their ‘we’re not biased bs’

    Take Loopop for instance (cause he’s so popular). He’s so biased I can’t stand him. 45 minute video and talks less then 2 minutes about cons.

    When you call him out on it he’s going to reply back saying we should do the work for him and mention what he clearly keeps out on purpose.

      Blues says:

      I couldn’t agree more. these people say what they need to in order to remain in a position to continue receiving thousand + dollar synths everytime a new one i released. Impossible to remain unbiased. they don’t know what its like to save and buy a new piece of gear, only to maybe be completely misled by influencer’s unbiased reviews, which leads to large scale disappointment.

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