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Sound Machines EuroTouch

Sound Machines EuroTouch  ·  Source: Sound Machines


Sound Machines were showing a new project at Superbooth which takes their Lightstrip technology to another creative level. The EuroTouch line takes the touchable Lightstrip CV recorder and builds in 4 channels of functionality producing a range of 14 modules.



I have an LS1 Lightstrip, it’s a great little module that you can use to generate CV and gate with the touch of your finger. You can also record movements and so create very expressive modulations. The EuroTouch appears to double the width and includes 4 parameter knobs and up to 8 patch points. Each module will be largely the same with different DSP firmware depending on the function and some component adjustments to suit the task. The touch lightstrip controller can drive up to 4 parameters and can be recorded as one-shots or loops independently for each one.

It’s an interesting idea and a great way to have a module that can modulate itself so expressively and intuitively.

The forthcoming range includes:

  • T-generator – Thru-Zero FM VCO
  • T-sfilter – 12dB stereo LPF
  • T-modulator – quad cyclic modulation source
  • T-formant – formant filter
  • T-colorvca – dual audio VCA with saturation/distortion
  • T-transient – dual transient/envelope generator
  • T-harmonic – Harmonic oscillator
  • T-sdrone – stereo drone/noise device
  • T-sspectrum – Spectral processor
  • T-sslayer – stereo distortion engine
  • T-vocoder – 16/32 classic vocoder
  • T-mixer – stereo four channel panning mixer
  • T-qvca – quad VCA with more patch points than knobs
  • T-quadstrip – a 4 channel lightstrip

These modules should start to emerge in July. Full details are available on this preliminary information sheet.

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Sound Machines EuroTouch

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