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Make Noise Mimeophone

Make Noise Mimeophone  ·  Source: Perfect Circuit


I love the way that Make Noise are able to describe their modules while avoiding any of the usual words that should apply. Mimeophon is not a “stereo delay” good gracious no, it’s a “Stereo Multi-Zone Colour Audio Repeater”. But then this thing is amazing so they can call it whatever the heck they like.



“Mimeo” could be a reference to experimental electroacoustic free improvisation group M.I.M.E.O which you can go and Google, but in the video they do mention a Mimeograph which is an old pre-photocopier duplicating machine that uses stencils – that sounds more likely.

Anyway, the key elements of Mimeophon are Repeats, Halo and Colour. These work together to shape the character and generate the repeating audio derived from the input. The Repeat dictates the feedback of the delay whereas Halo adds a bit of smear to the repeats whereas Colour brightens or darkens the tone. These are all fed into each other and affect one another over time. The Rate controls the delay time (within the time zone) and this can be affected by the “Skew” button which offsets the left and right channels of the stereo output so that they are different lengths.

“Zone” is an interesting one it sets the range of the delay time from short to long delays. It can all the way from millisecond plates, flanging and chorus too long looping delays. But as you move from one Zone to another there’s none of that familiar doppler pitch shifting effect, it moves seamlessly and instantaneously from one to another. Using the Rate control can add some of that pitch drag but if you clock the delay externally then the Rate can move without any of those artefacts.

Make Noise Mimeophone

Make Noise Mimeophone

There’s a “Flip” control for reversing the buffer and a “Hold” control hangs onto the current buffer and allows you to effect it with Halo and Colour controls or change the Zone and rate non-destructively.


Everything can, of course, be modulated and it’s all about the stereo which fits nicely with their recently announced X-PAN.

It looks like a load of fun, creative and interesting and somehow flamboyant in that unique Make Noise fashion.

The Mimeophon should be available at the end of the summer.

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Make Noise Mimeophone

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