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AJHSynth Modules

AJHSynth Modules  ·  Source: AJHSynth


Classic Eurorack module maker AJHSynth has 3 new modules to release at Superbooth this year. We have the Mini Mod Precision Voltages, Entropic Doom Voltage Controlled Noisillator and the Lunar Module Apollo Mission Communicator. 


Mini Mod Precision Voltages

A voltage generating module with a super accurate calibrated output which is accurate to <1mV over 20V or one cent over 20 octaves. It’s ideal for calibrating the scaling of VCOs. It’s also a very accurate voltage adder with two channels that can either be added to or subtracted from the incoming signal. You can use it as an offset or for adding switchable octaves to an oscillator that only has coarse and fine tuning controls.

Entropic Doom

That’s a good name for anything and a great name for a noise generator. It generates 1/f noise and this is then sent through a feedback loop which allows the noise to be “tuned” to varying degrees depending on the settings of the frequency and resonance controls, or incoming frequency or resonance CVs. It can be FM modulated too. There are bright and dark outputs which are pre and post filter and an external sync input to reset the resonant waveform. You can also plumb in an external sound source to mix into the resonant loop. Messing about with these two inputs can result in some massive drones and sweeping sync sounds. To add to the doom there’s an independent XOR ring modulator and XOR amplifier.

Lunar Module

It’s designed to recreate the sound of mission control on early missions to the moon. It’s a little bit mad and adds all the electrical noises to both sides of the transmission.


To be “Mission Control Houston” the Quindar PTT (push to talk) button adds a short 2,525Hz Qindar tone to the start of the transission, then at the end of the message the PTT button or switch is released and a short 2,475Hz Quindar tone is added to the audio. The bandwidth is slightly reduced in this mode.

For Astronaut comms” we press the Capsule PTT switch, which allows us to add coloured noise, distortion, bandwidth reduction and either hum or LGM (Little green men space tone) noise to the audio signal. A deep space electret condenser mic is supplied and an be used with the MIC input.

It can also be used as a general lo-fi and deterioration module. Looking forward to hearing this in action.

AJHSynths are the most solid modules around and they never disappoint. It’s good to see them moving into more interesting, creative areas.

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