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XAOC Samara II

XAOC Samara II  ·  Source: Gearnews

XAOC Jena and Timiszoara

XAOC Jena and Timiszoara  ·  Source: gearnews


Working class heroes XAOC has 5 new shiny modules covering digital hacking, waveform processing, DSP effects, stereo mixing and delay. It’s always fabulously intriguing stuff.


Samara II – Utility Waveform Processor

4 channels of attenuation with level and parity indicators. 2 offset channels, 4 inverters, a 4 channel or two 2 channel mixers with possible mixing up to 8 channels when using inverted inputs. Two modes of min/max calculation plus clamp, input scan and sample & hold waveform processing modes. €190.

Jena – Binary Transfunctioner

“It’s like hacking into an old school computer with your Eurorack”. That sounds interesting. Jena is a component of the Leibniz Binary Subsystem which crunches signal through 8-bit processes. It attaches to the existing Drezno module and creates a loopback. It maps incoming waveshapes to some other functions via an 8-bit look-up table. This way incoming sine waves can be transformed into all sorts of weird shapes. €250.


Timiszoara – Voltage Controlled DSP Effektor

Uses a 24bit Spin FV1 engine to run stereophonic or dual DSP effects. It’s an open architecture for adding user designed effects or new algorithms. Up to 3 parameters per algorithm can be voltage controlled. A huge library is already available. €260.

XAOC Jena and Timiszoara

XAOC Jena and Timiszoara

Sarajewo – Syncable Analog Delay Line

Made from 4096-stage BBD chips and can run delays from 20 up to 1560 milliseconds. It can sync via clock or tap tempo. Voltage controlled wet/dry and is capable of self-oscillation. Tone processor in the feedback loop and there’s an additional external feedback loop input. €350.

Nin – Zadar Expander

Provides manual gates for each of the Zadar’s channels plus a second set of assignable CV inputs.

XAOC never disappoints with their creative and often intense modules.

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XAOC Samara II

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