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Xaoc modules

Xaoc modules  ·  Source: Xaoc Devices


The names don’t give any indication of what the modules might do but whenever you get a new one from Xaoc you know it’s going to be quite exciting, although probably not as exciting as previous years.


Xaoc Devices has the Erfurt 1989 Binary Phase Accumulator, Zagrzeb 1979 Stereo 4-Pole Filter and the Minsk 1949 Stereo Image Processor to show us at Superbooth.


A binary phase accumulator which is an extension of the Leibniz binary subsystem around the Drezno and Lipsk modules. It can be used as a clock and audio frequency divider with 8 outputs and a bidirectional binary counter. It’s this years module that you definitely cannot be without.



This is a bit more like it, a stereo state-variable filter with 24 dB/Oct slope with separate lowpass, highpass and bandpass stereo outputs where the bandpass has a choice of 3 modes. XAOC say that it has a soft and clean sound and you can use the two FM inputs to animate the stereo image. The slider and knob combination is interesting and makes it easier to play with both.


Perfect for manipulating your stereo image using mid-side processing to enable the signals in the middle and on the sides to be handled separately. Both the mid and side have send and returns for looping into external modules and effects. The width can be controlled manually or via CV and XOAC has built-in some pseudo-stereo effects while the LEDs help you work out where everything is.


They are all available soon with a choice of silver or black panels (for an extra few Euros) for €150 for the Erfurt, €260 for the Zabrzeb and €190 for the Minsk. Xaoc Devices will be in booth W255.

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Xaoc modules

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