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Din Sync Gilbert Monosynth

Din Sync Gilbert Monosynth  ·  Source: gearnews

The Gilbert has been an interesting project to follow. Developed by Din Sync (Paul Barker) after he aced the TB-303 clone with the RE-303. Din Sync has brought the finished article to Superbooth.



It’s full of technology from what they describe as the “best era of Roland” which is the 1970’s. It has a discrete transistor based filter, 4 pole OTA, a CEM3340 oscillator from the SH-101 and the noise circuit. The layout is based on the SH-09, the format on the MC-202 along with the sub oscillator.

It looks amazing in the blue, very striking. Din Sync say it will be available to buy in a couple of weeks as a kit for about EUR 300 but you’ll have to source the VCA chips yourself (something to do with licensing and about EUR 50 each). Although you can buy them from DinSync, they just can’t sell it in the bundle. Too early to talk about built versions, apparently.

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