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SoundForce DCO

SoundForce DCO  ·  Source: SoundForce

It’s an unusual configuration for a Eurorack oscillator but SoundForce has gone all in on the sliders with their DCO Digitally Controller Oscillator based upon the architecture of the Juno-60/106.

SoundForce DCO

It’s a slightly uninspired name as a DCO is a thing rather than a product. A digitally controlled oscillator is not a digital oscillator, it’s an analogue oscillator that is digitally controlled. So regular analogue waveforms but with digital stability. It’s what Novation use in their Peak synthesizer and Sequential use in all their recent synths.

The SoundForce DCO has 10 sliders. The top 5 cover the level of saw and pulse waveforms, 2 sub oscillators (-1 and -2 octaves) and noise. Each of these has its own individual outputs plus a mix output. The bottom row covers tuning, pulse width, pulse width modulation and FM. Inputs are 1v/oct, FM, PWM and sync. The layout is actually so fresh and simple that I wonder why we don’t see more of this approach. At 16hp it’s quite wide for an oscillator but you do have to fit all those sliders on somewhere.

The SoundForce DCO will be on show at Superbooth and they are taking preorders for €229. They hope to ship in June.

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