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Soundforce Chorus 6 and uChorus 6

Soundforce Chorus 6 and uChorus 6  ·  Source: Soundforce


Soundforce is introducing two new modules inspired by the chorus effect on the Roland Juno synths. Chorus 6 and the compact uChorus 6 bring that classic sound to Eurorack.


Chorus 6

Both modules are analogue BBD circuits based on the Xvive MN3009 chips and have the same audio path as the original. You get all the modes from the Juno-60 and Juno-106 in mono or stereo.

The larger 14HP Chorus 6 features a whole host of manual controls that weren’t on the original. You can set the start time delay, the frequency and delay of modulation, depth of modulation, dry/wet mix, LFO wave selection and the frequency ranges of the LFO. You can also modulate externally bypassing the manual controls and letting you automate your Chorus 6 into very strange places.


uChorus 6

The more compact uChorus 6 is only 4HP wide and gives you the basic I, II, and I+II modes. Just drop it in there for some of the loveliest chorus around.

Both modules can take Eurorack or line level through either mono or stereo inputs. That’s a useful bonus actually, being able to bring an external synth through the chorus like that.

The uChorus will be available in June for €199, and the larger Chorus 6 will arrive in July for around €299.

Soundforce has also hinted that there are exciting things afoot with the integration of some of its MIDI controllers. All will be revealed at Superbooth.

Soundforce Chorus 6 and uChorus 6

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