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SoundForce Dual ADSR

SoundForce Dual ADSR  ·  Source: SoundForce


Built on an ARM micro-controller the SoundForce Dual ADSR module is very smooth, CV controlled, individually loopable and reflects their Juno obsession.



What I enjoy about the SoundForce modules is their ability to be completely obvious. You know exactly where you are with a slider based ADSR as you are literally displaying the shape of the envelope on the front of the module.

But the Dual ADSR has a lot more going on. To start with each stage of the envelope has a CV input with an attenuator so that you can control the Attack time, Decay time, Sustain level and Release time from other sources of control voltage.

On the other side you have your Gate input, your re-trigger input, regular output, inverted output and End Of Cycle output (EO). EO can be set to either Attack, Decay or Release stages and sends out a pulse when the envelope reaches the end of that stage.

The Dual ADSR has a switch to change the length between small, medium and long and a switch to enable cycle mode to turn it into a rather interesting LFO. You can then manipulate the timing of the LFO by messing about with the length of the stages.


The ADSR curve of the Juno 106 has been replicated within the M time range in combination with the EXP response. The Attack stage is also linear in this mode to faithfully model the Juno.

The Dual ADSR is available now for €199.

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SoundForce Dual ADSR

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