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Stone Deaf Effects limited edition PDF-1X - Josh Homme inspired tones

Stone Deaf Effects limited edition PDF-1X - Josh Homme inspired tones  ·  Source: Stone Deaf Effects

Stone Deaf Effects has a new limited edition hybrid guitar effects pedal, the PDF-1X based on the model that is used by Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age. 

Stone Deaf Effects limited edition PDF-1X

The PDF-1X is a combined boost, EQ and gain effect. Stone Deaf Effects started producing them back  in September 2009, the UK based boutique pedal maker was attempting to rework a classic design.

Maestro MPF-1

The original Maestro MPF-1 pedal, which is a favourite of QOTSA’s Josh Homme, was originally designed by legendary Bob Moog for Gibson in the 1970s. The pedal featured a wheel-driven EQ section, which allowed for all manner of great tones, but it wasn’t exactly an easy to use control interface, especially with your foot!

Therefore Stone Deaf took the gain, parametric EQ and active circuitry and then added an expression pedal to control its EQ sweep for wah/phase-style tones and called it the PDF-1. Making it far more suited for guitarists and then they eventually ended up with the PDF-2 version.

Stone Deaf PDF-1X

Stone Deaf PDF-1X


Now the new PDF-1X sees the pedal re designed with quieter operation and a volume boost that can add an extra 15dB to your signal. It also has a set of internal trim pots that allow you to adjust the  tuning of the clipping mode for overdrive, distortion or fuzz, and the parametric EQ and expression pedal functionality.

Optional Expression

This new limited edition version will work with the Stone Deaf EP-1 expression pedal just like the PDF-2 did, so you can control the sweep with your foot. It doesn’t play well with any other brands of external expression pedal, so you need to budget for this specific model, if you want the full control of the effect.

Taking this into account, it isn’t the cheapest effect set. Though iyt certainly is a fun one, so I’d but it!

RRP – GBP 166.66

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