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ST Modular Lange Anna

ST Modular Lange Anna  ·  Source: ST Modular


With a nod to the Make Noise CV Bus, Lange Anna routes signals and voltages across your Eurorack case through an 84HP 1U buffered multiple, attenuverter and voltage generator.


Lange Anna

It was always a great idea in the Make Noise Shared System case. A 1U strip that distributed signals across your case reducing the cable spaghetti and helping you patch more efficiently. I’m surprised a stand-alone version hasn’t been available before. Well, ST Modular has taken it on, expanded the features and made it beautiful.

Essentially it’s a 3-channel 1 to 4 buffered multiple. Plug a signal into channel 1 on the left and it comes out of outputs 1, 4, 7 and 10 spreading them across the width of your case. Channel 2 goes to 2, 5, 8 and 11 and channel 3 goes to 3, 6, 9 and 12. ST Modular has used a circle, square and triangle icon to denote the associated inputs and outputs. But more than that because each output has an LED halo to indicate both signal and polarity and each channel uses its own colour. It’s visually splendid.

When nothing is connected to an input a constant bipolar voltage is normalised to the outputs set by the knobs of the left. There’s a switch for +10v or +5v.

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More Information

LANGE ANNA is a beautifully elegant and brilliantly useful way of routing signals around a case. Be warned that ST Modular only ever supply the front panel and PCB, for everything else you’ll have to source the components yourself. Although Pusherman Productions in Bath can often provide full kits for ST Modular modules. I’ve not seen a price yet.

Anna’s Langer Arm

We’re not done quite yet because ST Modular has also come up with an expansion. Anna’s Langer Arm is a satellite module that connects directly to the Lange Anna and provides another set of outputs that you can mount elsewhere in your case. It also has a mix output of all 3 channels which is interesting.

I’m not entirely sure if they get bundled together but it’s a super idea.


ST Modular Lange Anna

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