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Squarp Instruments Ramble

Squarp Instruments Ramble  ·  Source: Squarp Instruments

Squarp Instruments has officially announced its new “waves system” called Rample. It’s a 4-voice Eurorack sample player and effects processor with no duration limit that can playback both sampled audio files and control voltage.


4-voices can be triggered at one time. Each voice supports up to 12 samples which can be stacked as multi-layered samples. These can be mapped to velocity or selected via CV or you can have them selected randomly for interesting and dynamic changes. This could be a great way to generate a human and authentic-sounding drum machine. Using all 4 voices you can have 48 samples ready to be played. The CV inputs provide a modulation destination for each voice and the gate inputs trigger the samples.

If you prefer to use MIDI then you can address all the samples and parameters without having to use CV at all. You can even chain up multiple Ramples via MIDI to increase the voice count.

The Rample will ship with an SD card preloaded with over 200 kits (the name Squarp gives to a bunch of saved samples) from all sorts of artists and sound designers. You can have up to 2600 kits on an SD card and spend a lot of time scrolling through them.

The Matrix display shows the information on what’s being selected and loaded and then displays playback level.

Each voice has a 5-effect processing engine featuring a Bitcrusher, Pitch shifter, Filter, Freeze and Drive.

  • pitch – a pitch engine, based on a 6-pole interpolator, which ranges from -1 octave to +1 octave.
  • bits – two different bit-crushing algorithms, based on sample rate and resolution reduction. It produces distortion and warms the audio signal.
  • filter – a low resonance filter, DJ-style, cutting off the high frequencies or the low frequencies.
  • freeze – sample and loop a fraction of the played waveform, creating a glitching effect.
  • levels – decrease the gain or drive the signal.

You can mess with the level on individual samples, the start point, length, attack/decay and run mode.

One interesting feature is that the outputs are DC coupled and so can output the low-frequency signals of control voltage. This means that you could create audio files that act as modulators. You could design an hour of 4-channels of modulation to control the rest of your rack, or perhaps record a sequence as an audio file and use it to trigger other modules.

The only thing missing is the ability to sample. Rample is available in early April for €249.

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