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Squarp Instruments Ramble

Squarp Instruments Ramble  ·  Source: Squarp Instruments

A few details of the Squarp Instruments Rample appeared briefly on their website only to be hidden away again. They originally teased us with it in December but it looks like it could be fully revealed very soon.


They are calling it the Rample Waves System and it’s a 4-voice sample player and audio processor for Eurorack.

According to the screengrab posted on the Squarp Community Forum you load your samples via an SD card slot and there are no limitations on the length of your audio. There are 4 independent voices with 4 outputs so you have 4 channels of sample playback to mess with at once. Nice to see a Mix output so that you can also use it together as a single instrument. There are CV and Gate inputs and the CV can be assigned to a selected parameter.

You can layer up each voice so presumably using different samples. There’s a MIDI input (and a very handy Thru) which offers MIDI control over “everything”.

On the front panel we can see controls over Pitch, Bits, Filter and Freeze. It says there are 5 audio effects built-in and a bunch of editing tools.

It doesn’t appear to have any sampling ability although there is a red button labelled “Listen” which is intriguing.

Squarp Instruments Ramble screengrab

Squarp Instruments Ramble screengrab

That’s all the information we have so far. The display is very interesting and the overall look and vibe are streamlined and intuitive. Squarp’s other products, the Hermod and Pyramid, are known for their depth and complexity whereas this is looking brilliantly simple and I can imagine it being immediately useful.

The price is listed as €249 and should be out in mid-March. Really looking forward to hearing more about this module.

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