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Gotharman SpazeDrum

Gotharman SpazeDrum  ·  Source: Gotharman


SpazeDrum is a 4-voice 16-part analog drum synthesizer and rhythm machine packed with Gotharman’s effects and filters and more functionality than you could ever need.



Gotharman’s boxes tend to have more features than I can cope with and I’m never quite sure if I’m understanding what they can do. This box is no exception. It has 4 analog voices but each voice has 4 parts giving 16 parts in total. Usually you would expect to say how many voices each part had, but this time, if I understand this right, one voice is shared between 4 parts letting you trigger different sounds without that one voice.

So each part (or is that “voice”) can be of four configurations: Percussion, Cymbal, Clap or Synth although the first three appear to be identical.

The Percussion/Cymbal/Clap combines an analog and digital oscillator. The analog side gives you Shape, Buzz and G-Ray whereas the digital side offers waveforms, resonators, cymbal/percussion/clap oscillators and a sampler. Modulation of all sorts is possible and it can produce all the usual analog style drum sounds.

With the Synthesizer configuration you have 2 digital oscillators routing through 2 analog filters and G-Ray feedback (still not sure what G-Ray is at this point). The digital oscillators can run in the same modes as the other ones.

After the confusing analog/digital hybrid oscillator section there are more digital filters and then 2 effects inserts per voice. Eventually, you get to the VCA with envelopes and finally into some last output effects.


The sequencer features 16 tracks, one for each of the possible parts and can have up to 64 steps. Each track has 5 sub-tracks for note, gate, velocity, position and sub-position and you can also record 4 parameters as automation.

Rhythm box

Gotharman makes fabulously interesting boxes that I find really difficult to understand. SpazeDrum is another example of his complex boxes of noise that make sense to many other people – and that’s great! I can’t quite work out how much of it is analog though as it seems to tied up into the Gotharman eco-system of digital oscillators, cross-modulation, effects and filters.

Probably the best thing to do is to check out the videos on the website.

SpazeDrum is expected to ship in June and can be preordered for €1260.


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Many more on the website.


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Gotharman SpazeDrum

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