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FingerSonic AnalogFusion

FingerSonic AnalogFusion  ·  Source: FingerSonic

FingerSonic AnalogFusion

FingerSonic AnalogFusion  ·  Source: FingerSonic


FingerSonic has announced a rather tasty looking polyphonic synthesizer called AnalogFusion. It fuses two separate synthesizer engines, one analog and one digital making it less of a hybrid and more of a megasynth!



Why settle for analog or digital when you can have both? And rather than blend them together, where you have analog pathways and digital components, or analog oscillators and digital control, why not have both engines completely separate and independent? That’s the thought behind the AnalogFusion – pure analog synthesis and pure digital, layered and mixed.


The analog side is pretty darn cool by itself. 6 voice polyphony with 2 oscillators per voice using 3 waveforms (saw, triangle and pulse) with pulse width modulation. You also get 3 LFOs (with 5 waveforms), hard sync, ring modulation, a multimode (low, high and bandpass) filter and a noise generator. All made from discrete analog components. There’s an extra pure analog voice dedicated to bass sounds with a single saw or square wave oscillator and a 24dB filter.


The ARM Cortex-based digital engine offers both virtual analog and FM synthesis. The virtual analog can handle 2 oscillators, a multimode filter, 2 envelopes and 3 LFOs. The FM side has 6 operators with a multimode filter for each voice or wavetable synthesis. There’s also a dedicated drum section with 10 instruments.

FingerSonic AnalogFusion

FingerSonic AnalogFusion · Source: FingerSonic


The different engines can be layered up and played together. The front panel is covered with knobs and buttons but it’s really hard to tell from the available images where the controls lie and what you have access to. An LCD screen in the middle serves up details on all the parameters… but is this just the digital ones or the analog ones too?

The row of buttons above the keyboard serves as the sequencer (i think) and has 14 tracks and 3 arpeggiators. The buttons might be mute buttons for the individual tracks. There’s a song mode available to chain patterns up into songs.


Bringing up the rear is a bunch of the usual digital effects.

On the back you get some separation with the outputs. Along with the stereo and headphone output they’ve split the analog synth into separate “synth” and “bass” outputs and another output for the digital synth. There’s MIDI In/Out/Thru and a very welcome CV/Gate interface although I’m unsure if it’s in or out.

Devil in the details

The AnalogFusion won’t be available until the summer of 2019 and so some of the detail is a little vague. That’s always a problem with a product announced long before the release date. This has a lot of potential but it’s difficult to dig into the details without better images and demonstrations. It will definitely be one to watch at Superbooth next year.

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FingerSonic AnalogFusion

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