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Shergold Provocateur designed by Patrick James Eggle

Shergold Provocateur designed by Patrick James Eggle  ·  Source: Shergold

The new Shergold Provocateur was designed by the famous British luthier Patrick James Eggle and has some of his distinct touches. They certainly look very classy, and there are a few cool features built in, too. Plenty of ‘custom shop’ vibe here, but without the eye-watering prices to match…  

Shergold Provocateur

Mr Eggle has been responsible for some glorious guitar designs and these new Shergold Provocateur models certainly look like his work. At one time in the early ’90s I’m pretty sure everyone in the UK thought he would rival PRS as his guitar designs were making waves in the guitar press. Since then, he has concentrated on acoustics, but still manages to design a mean solid body when he has time.

Shergold Provocateur SP02-SD

Shergold Provocateur SP02-SD Dual Humbucker

Custom Vibe

These new Shergold Provocateur models come in two flavours, the SP01-SD and SP02-SD. The former sports a Seymour Duncan P90 in the neck with a Pearly Gates humbucker for the bridge. The SP02-SD comes loaded with a pair of Seymour Duncan ’59 humbuckers. Each model has coil-splits on the bridge humbuckers via the tone control, adding some versatility.

Aluminium Inlays

Each model has a solid mahogany body with a torrefied mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard. The frets are medium jumbo nickel on both models. You also get a nice set of hand-inlaid aluminium fret inlays, a custom Eggle-designed bridge with compensated brass saddles and a set of staggered locking tuners.

Patrick James Eggle Shergold Provocateur SP01-SD

Shergold Provocateur SP01-SD with P90 in the neck position


The guitars are available to order in three finishes – Solid Battleship Grey, Thru-Black and Thru-Dirty Blonde, all of which look very appealing to my eye. I think at this price you are getting a whole lot of guitar. And they have a sort of custom/boutique vibe going on, too.

You can hear the SPo1-SD and SPo2-SD in the Guitarist magazine demo below. They sound pretty fine too, judging by the video. Definitely one to keep on your radar if you like a classic guitar with tones to match but are looking something a bit more niche.

RRP – SP01-SD GBP 829 and SP02-SD GBP 809

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