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Sometimes in life we overlook the simplest of tasks and just make do. Apparently we’ve all been doing that for years when it comes to pop filters for microphones. Who knew?! Check out this ingenious new product from Pop Audio, that’s now shipping.

How many times have you been fighting with a pop filter, trying to get it to sit in the right place and stay there? It can actually be a source of distraction when trying to be creative in the studio. I like any product that simplifies the creative process allowing the art to form. This appears to be such a neat product from Pop Audio and I can’t wait to actually try one. Announced last year, the first shipments are leaving now, and I believe this new pop filter will be in front of mics everywhere very soon.

Three key features make this a simple but well considered product. Firstly there’s the clamp to attach it to your microphone stand. A simple butterfly clip which they say is strong yet easy to use, yet should avoid damaged stands or screw systems that work loose. Then there’s the very clever arm which appears to be made up of stiff ball joints so that you can position the filter anywhere – hopefully will mean an end to drooping filters. Finally there’s an attachment system for using different grades of filters. A twist and click mechanism looks easy to use; I’ll report back once I’ve used one.

A range of three different filters is available for the Pop Audio filter. Made from either foam, fabric or fine metal grills, they’re marketed for different applications. Personally I’m keen to try them all and can fully appreciate that owning a couple of them would benefit commercial studios by offering a choice. I’m often altering the pop filter with different placements, adding material or even doubling up in worst case scenarios.

The studio edition which contains all three filters is only £55, or just the standard fabric filter by itself costs £40. It’s great to see a refreshing product like this that’s priced appropriately for the market, and I hope it proves to be as successful as it deserves.

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