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Bernd Deckers Pande-Mic

 ·  Source: Brend Deckers

Horrible as it is, the COVID-19 pandemic does promote new and innovative ideas. Perhaps you have already noticed for yourself that you are on a creative high. Indeed, we need new concepts, products and measures. That’s why companies develop tools like the Safe Spacer and artists build things like the Pande-Mic.

Bernd Deckers Pande-Mic

I only know that the mask, which the artist misused for this purpose, is called a respiratory half-mask. Perhaps Bernd Deckers thought: “If I have a mask, then it must also produce sounds!”

Thus, Pande-Mic was born. It’s a portable breathing transducer that turns breathing sounds an instrument.” The contraption is essentially made of rubber and PVC – but there is not much more information. We can only speculate about how it really works. There has to be at least a microphone and some small sound processor. Maybe some of you have a better idea of ​​what exactly is happening there and can help us!

In any case, in the video we hear what the instrument sounds like when the output is processed by a Kaoss pad and an effects pedal. It is definitely full of character!

Luckily, one of these masks can be yours, too. A small batch of devices is being made, and with a little luck you can get your own. The price is EUR 162 + shipping. Plenty of potential for avant-garde performances with this thing!

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  1. Juan says:

    i’ve been doing mask like this since 2017! Copyrights.

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