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Skylife SampleRobot

Skylife SampleRobot  ·  Source: Yamaha Synths


Skylife has released a new version of their SampleRobot sampler software. It’s been redesigned inside and out to offer fully automated sampling and instrument building in a modular interface and now support for native MacOS.


SampleRobot 6

SampleRobot sucks in sounds and spits out sample library. Connect your computer to the MIDI input of your hardware synthesizer and take the audio outputs to the inputs on your audio interface. Step through a bunch of questions about connections, key ranges, velocity layers and so on and then let it go. SampleRobot will send MIDI notes to your synth and record the output as samples mapped, layered and ready to be imported into your chosen sample playing instrument. You can create digital versions of your favourite sounds in no time at all. Or digital versions of your mates synthesizers. Or sample the heck out of a new synth you just bought off Amazon so you can return it within the 14 day no-questions-asked return period, but of course we wouldn’t condone such behaviours.

It doesn’t have to be hardware. One cool use is the ability to take the output of multiple layers of virtual instruments and sample them into a single and more CPU efficient multi-sample instrument. Or being able to use sounds from a certain virtual synth on other platforms and without having to go through authorisations. More useful than you’d think right?

To celebrate the move in MacOS territory they have (thankfully) overhauled the interface. It was looking all a bit sort of “Winamp” circa 2004 if you know what I mean? Now it’s a more sedate affair, but one in which you can still rearrange windows and layouts, it just looks a lot less ghastly.

It has a special export relationship with the Yamaha Montage but the sample export supports pretty much anything that can import samples.


SampleRobot costs €249 or €119 for the upgrade.

More information

  • SampleRobot website (down at the time of writing)


Found this video about the Yamaha Montage version which nicely demonstrates the process.

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Skylife SampleRobot

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One response to “SampleRobot 6: fully automated recording and sample instrument building”

    Table Top says:

    good artcile. when you say this, “One cool use is the ability to take the output of multiple layers of virtual instruments…” do you mean, for example, that you can insert a synth VST into SampleRobot, and then insert another synth VST as a kind of layer and then sample them both together, thus creating a new “combined” sound as a sample ?

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