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Synthelium  ·  Source: Syntheway


Inspired by the synthesizers of the 70s and 80s Synthelium brings together a solid collection of sounds in an easy to use and deeply blue interface.



This is decent simple stuff that doesn’t try to overwhelm you with a gazillion presets or an interface bristling with controls. The heart is a sample set of classic synthesizer sounds that are also available as a sample pack for EXS24 and Kontakt. Synthelium then takes those samples through their synthesis engine featuring Tremolo, ADSR envelope and filter section.

The Tremolo, or I guess we’d normally call it an LFO, can be routed to different destinations using any one of five waveshapes via the modulation wheel, aftertouch or velocity. The ADSR is purely for the amplitude of the sound. The filter section has the one Cutoff knob and can be low or high-pass. In the middle there’s a nice big Reverb knob for washing out the sounds too ethereal levels. There’s a bit of panning and spatial auralisation to give the sounds some placement in the stereo field.

Synthelium is not particularly fully featured and the general presentation is a bit ropey – old school website, promo video has distorted audio in places, and why they felt the need to superimpose the VST compatibility over the top of the GUI is beyond me. But to focus on the positives it comes with 50 well-chosen synth sounds that have a fair bit of potential via the filter, reverb and modulation controls. And it’s only $43. It has a demo version so you can go and try it out yourself and it has the lowest minimum requirements I’ve seen for a long time.

Synthelium is available now for MacOS, Linux and Windows.

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