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Bollywood Sounds Tumbi-Tronik

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To build this virtual instrument Bollywood Sounds recorded “one of the finest Tumbi Players from India”. Tumbi-Tronik features samples from many different types of tumbis and tumbas instruments in order to capture the nuances of this iconic traditional Indian instrument.


The Tumbi is a traditional, single stringed Indian instrument. It probably first came to the attention of western ears with the 1999 remix of Mundian To Bach Ke by Panjabi MC.

They seem to roll that track out whenever a TV programme passes through India.

It has a very limited range but holds a distinctive timbre to the sound. With Tumni-Tronik they’ve highlighted the handful of usual notes in the interface and then filled it in to be more useful in a western context. They’ve also pushed the range out to C0 all the way up to C4 to take it beyond what the traditional instrument is capable of.

Each key has 8 round robin samples to offer up the sort of variation you’d experience when playing the instrument. Along with strikes and plucks you can also get the pull-off sound when releasing the note. Bollywood Sounds aimed to offer as many articulations and variations as possible.

The plug-in comes with 35 presets and gives you control over envelope and some reverb for added depth.

Tumbi-Tronik is available for MacOS and Windows in VST or AU format for $59. More information on the Bollywood Sounds website or check out the video below.