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Sampleson ElectroNylon

Sampleson ElectroNylon  ·  Source: Sampleson

Sampleson ElectroNylon

Sampleson ElectroNylon  ·  Source: Sampleson

From Sampleson’s new Luthier Series comes ElectroNylon where you can morph from fully nylon guitar to electric piano and everything in between in this unique, great sounding and unlikely hybrid instrument.


It uses real-time spectral transformation to move from a spectral model of a guitar to a model of a piano. It’s mixing the finger noises, slides and bends into the vintage sound of reeds and tines. It’s a bit weird but also quite interesting and tend to be two sounds that I use a lot in certain situations but never thought of blending.

The spectral transformation takes the harmonics and formats and blends them mathematically. It’s not dealing with samples or hefty analogue modelling, this is all done with the construction of simple sine waves pulled from spectral analysis of the sounds. And so the whole instrument is just 35MB and yet sounds stunningly real.

Sampleson ElectroNylon

Sampleson ElectroNylon

The interface is disarmingly simple with a slider that takes you from Nylon to Electric. Add in a couple of buttons to include various mechanical noises and a handful of effects like Ambient, Reverb, Chorus and Drive and it’s good to go.

You can pick up this unique instrument for an introductory price of $29.

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