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The Panda Audio Future Impact I

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Panda Audio’s Future Impact 1 bass synthesiser is based on the legendary Ibanez Deep Impact pedal. For those that don’t know it, the original was only available for a short time before being discontinued and is now very sought after, changing hands on the used market for a lot of money.

Ibanez Deep Impact

This is a bass synth pedal like no other, used by bands like Muse to get a huge synth bass tone. Many bass players want one. Luckily, Panda Audio have re-made the original pedal and upgraded it somewhat to iron out some of its issues.

This is a compact pedal with 99 presets (the originals had only 9) you can tweak and set. It’s got a great synth tone that can sound squelchy, funky or downright dirty. Loved by funk players and experimental players alike, the original Deep Impact was a very cool effect.


One of my good friends is a session bass player and swears by his original Deep Impact pedal. He always takes it along to sessions in case he needs something cool to add to a track. I’ve always loved that sound. When I saw that this new ’boutique’ version it put a big smile on my face. It also sports MIDI in and out, plus your regular quarter-inch jack ins and outs. That’s a decent amount of control on one small pedal. There is even a PC and a Mac editor for the sounds. The pedal itself runs at 128kHz, so it should sound great.

The demo video below gives a good example of what to expect, so check it out, as it sounds on the money to me.

Panda Audio’s Future Impact I RRP USD $499 / EUR €399


Full specifications can be found here


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    Ibanez? You must be sure it’s Ibanez as you state it four times! Errrr, oh wait….look in the image you posted….

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