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pandaMidi Future Impact V3 synth pedal

pandaMidi Future Impact V3 synth pedal  ·  Source: pandaMidi


I was impressed by the original pandaMidi Future Impact bass synth pedal when it came out back in 2016. Now the company has delved deeper into the abyss of tracking low notes and synth-like bass tones with the new updated and expanded pandaMidi Future Impact V3!


pandaMidi Future Impact V3

Based on the highly collectable yet long discontinued Akai Deep Impact pedal, the pandaMidi Future Impact bass synth pedal is now being introduced in its third iteration. Future Impact v3 comes with an expanded virtual analogue sound engine with some modular features, plus new sound parameters that are now controllable via an external midi controller.

Other new goodies include internal controls, ADSR envelopes, a VC04 which can also double up as a low-frequency oscillator as well as multi-effects processing. Future Impact v3 has two footswitches for on/bypass and program, a rotary dial for selecting the effects parameter, input and output level controls and a bank-up/down control. It also comes with a handy yet minimal LED display that shows the current preset.

pandaMidi Future Impact v3

pandaMidi Future Impact v3 · Source: pandaMid

Firmware & Software

V3 represents a hefty update over the original version. Thankfully, owners of the older models can add the new features to their pedals via a firmware update. You have access to the company’s software for deeper editing, letting you tweak a lot of those parameters mentioned above. That includes control over the four oscillators along with some pretty extensive waveshaping and two filters you can edit with the PC/Mac editor software.


The pedal artwork has been slightly updated, but I think it looks very similar to the original version. The new Future Impact V3 comes with a sound set of 99 new patches for you to play around with. You can hear it in action in the demo video below. Shipping internationally is free, which is a bonus. But be aware that you still may be liable for customs charges.


RRP –  Introductory price of EUR 299 until 15 December, after that the unit will cost EUR 359

Update: In a previous version of this post, we said the original Deep Impact was made by Ibanez, not Akai. We’ve updated this post accordingly. Thanks to all who pointed this out.

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pandaMidi Future Impact V3 synth pedal

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3 responses to “pandaMidi Future Impact V3: A Deep(er) Impact bass synth pedal”

    mojave rat says:

    Correction: the Deep Impact was made by Akai, not Ibanez.

    Tony says:

    Akia not ibanez otherwise good article

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