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Red Panda Context V2 Reverb pedal

Red Panda Context V2 Reverb pedal  ·  Source: Red Panda

Eight years is a long time in the pedal business. The folks at Red Panda must have been looking at the Context reverb pedal and thought, “Time for an overhaul”. Context V2 is a worthy successor to a great reverb pedal, with funcational updates that make the successor interesting, even for owners of the first version.

Red Panda Context V2

Rather than settle for cosmetic changes over the first version of the Context Reverb (affiliate link), Red Panda has made some significant developments. The layout is completely different and has some controls that have an additional function via a shift button. Overall, these are (with shift function):

  • Blend
  • Pre (Delay)
  • Decay (feedback)
  • Modulation (rate)
  • Hi EQ (Dynamics Ducking / Expander)
  • Lo EQ (Dynamics Threshold)
  • Division mode

New functions

But the algorithms have also changed. There are now 8 reverb modes in total:

  • room
  • hall
  • cathedral
  • gated reverb
  • reverse reverb
  • plate
  • spring
  • granular reverb
Red Panda Context V2 Reverb pedal

Red Panda Context V2 Reverb pedal

In addition, the Red Panda Context V2 can now also process stereo (in and out) signals. USB-MIDI has also been added, while effects can also be modulated via an expression pedal. All modes can now also use the delay (not possiblein V1).

Oh yes, there are now two footswitches. One bypasses the effect and can also be used switch Trails on or off. The other accesses a preset (with save function). The preset is relatively basic but used together with the current potentiometer position, two sounds can be called up directly. I think it’s sufficient, but a tap tempo for the delay would have been the icing on the cake.

If you are in the market for a high-quality reverb pedal, check out this new Red Panda Context V2.

RRP – USD 299

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