Boss Katana-Air

Boss Katana-Air: A wireless wonder amp?

09 Jan 2018 · The latest desktop guitar amp from Boss is the new Katana-Air:, a completely wireless amp with quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Could this new practise amp make you ditch your cables?

Behringer announces OB-Xa clone: Is Uli for real?

09 Jan 2018 · Uli Behringer shares his thinking behind the cloning of classic synths and I'm starting to believe it. Is it time to stop the trash talk and celebrate what he's doing? Next up is an Oberheim OB-Xa clone.

Behringer finally reveals the Vocoder VC340

08 Jan 2018 · It's here, the first proper photo of what we now know is the Behringer Vocoder VC-340 and it looks an awful lot like the Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330, exactly as we hoped it would.