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Line 6 Metallurgy

Line 6 Metallurgy  ·  Source: Line 6


The new Line 6 Metallurgy software gets you, no surprises here, metal tones. It has three distinct varieties on offer: Doom, Thrash and Modern. A perfect way to add some Metal to your recordings? Let’s find out.


Metal: Modern, Thrash, and Doom

The Line 6 Metallurgy Collection consists of three packages that can be purchased either individually or as a bundle. Each package comes with four amplifier models, 8 speakers and 11 effects, with genre-typical sounds. All amps and effects come courtesy of the proven HX family, only now, you can have them as plug-ins for your DAW, or can run them standalone on your system. The Thrash, Modern, and Doom packages include the following models:


  • Vitriol (Peavey Invective 120)
  • Revv generator (120W model)
  • Badonk (Line6 Original)
  • Archetype (PRS Archon 50)


  • Rivet Clean (Roland Jazz Chorus 120)
  • Cali IV (Mesa/Boogie Mark IV)
  • Placater Dirty (Friedman BE-100)
  • Gasoline (Diezel VH4)


  • Moo)))n (Sunn Model T, 1970s)
  • Mandarin Rocker (Orange Rockerverb 100)
  • Doom (Line6 Original)
  • Mail Order Twin (Silvertone Twin Twelve )

Line 6 Metallurgy amp collections

Effects, cabinets and more

There are a total of 8 speaker emulations, which seem to be based on impulse responses and are each virtually removed with two out of eight microphones. In addition, two own IRs can be used at a time. The microphones can be freely placed in virtual space and additionally adapted with a 4-band EQ.

And nothing is neglected when it comes to effect pedals: 4 pre-amp-FX and 3 post-amp-FX are available and can carry the sound of the amplifiers in completely different directions. Also included are a noise gate, pitch shifter (polyphonic) and tuner.

Line 6 Metallurgy stompboxes

Line 6 Metallurgy stompboxes


Line 6 has put together quite an interesting package of amps for metal sounds with the Metallurgy. Compared to the originals, the packages cost significantly less individually, with 4 amps each for only USD 99.99. All three packages together is priced at USD 199.99, which saves you some money. There is also a 15 day free trial, so you can check out all those Metal tones before you commit.


Plug-in formats

The Line6 Metallurgy Collection is offered as a VST3, AU and AAX plug-in in 64 bit for Windows and macOS, and as a standalone program.

More Information on Line 6

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Line 6 Metallurgy

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    “Mail order Twin” is a Silvertone Twin Twelve not a fender Twin. Also, did Fender ever make a 35w Twin? ‘Cuz I’d check that out.

    Jef says:

    Well spotted, will update that

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