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Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE  ·  Source: Origin Effects

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE with many controls  ·  Source: Origin Effects


British boutique pedal manufacturer Origin Effects is known for its compressor effect pedals. Now it’s announcing its first overdrive pedal, RevivalDRIVE. The company says they have spent “years” on R&D for this pedal, which sounds promising…


Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE – with complete amp signal path

According to the manufacturer, the RevivalDRIVE mirrors the entire signal path of a tube amp, and uses “all-analogue” components – so no DSP here. This should give a wide range of typical sounds of British and American amps from “clean” to “fully cranked” – including the corresponding drive characteristics and the dynamic response.

The signal chain will consist of a preamp, phase inverter, power amp and rectifier/equalizer, as well as “a synthesised mains power signal and a speaker-emulating reactive load”. The result is an overdrive that mimics that of a real valve amp. Even the signature ghost notes that are the result of amp distortion in some vintage amps are said to be audible here.

Besides the main EQ for adjusting the effect pedal to different amps, there is another equalizer on the front of the RevivalDRIVE to fine-tune the sound. Overall, the effect seems to have many, many tone options, which some may find a little confusing. However, if you like to tweak your tone, then I think you may well love this new pedal.


Too picky?

My only gripe is the ‘set and forget’ controls that you can access using the edge of a plectrum, as they look a bit fiddly and may annoy some players. But maybe I am being a little too picky, as you don’t exactly need to access every control all the time.

In addition to the regular version, there will be a custom model that has more filter and EQ settings for amp matching. Plus, Origina have aannounced plans for an additional double footswitch with buttons for mid-boost and overwriting the dry-blend.

Origin Effects Revival footswitch

Origin Effects Revival optional footswitch

High-End Drive

Origin has priced the RevivalDRIVE at GBP 469 (equivalent to approximately EUR 525) and the RevivalDRIVE Custom (GBP 569 = approximately EUR 637). Availability is slated for the end of April. When and at what price the footswitch will be available, is not fixed yet. Overall, this could be a very interesting pedal, which, although priced at the higher end of the boutique drive pedals market, should do well.

RRP –  RevivalDRIVE GBP 469 and  RevivalDRIVE Custom GBP 569

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Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE

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