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Critter and Guitari ONDA

Critter and Guitari ONDA  ·  Source: Critter and Guitari


A new instrument was introduced over the weekend at Moogfest from the makers of the Organelle. It’s called ONDA and follows a very similar form factor and can run algorithms from simple to complex on its open platform.



It combines elements from the Organelle and the Pocket Piano but adds a new light-up keyboard giving much better feedback and interaction. The behaviour of ONDA is completely programmable and customisable. It will be whatever you program it to be. Or you can load up patches from the Organelle library which include effects, sequencing, sampling, granular and every sort of synthesis.

They’ve done some creative things with the light-up button keyboard. In a sampling mode the keys become an input level meter for use with the inbuilt microphone. The 16 buttons along the bottom also work brilliantly as a step sequencer. It’s a really useful evolution, if perhaps a little less charming, from the wooden buttons on the Organelle.

The ONDA is based upon the Raspberry Pi computer. It has 4 USB ports in the side for controllers and input devices. It’ also has wi-fi to allow you to sync up multiple ONDA’s wirelessly via Ableton Link.

Open source hardware is becoming a bit of a thing. There have been a number of devices recently into which you load algorithms that change the behaviour of the sound generation. Qu-Bits Nebulae, Monome Norms and Magnus Toolkit to name a few. I wonder whether that will spiral us into creativity or bring us back to endless preset surfing.


No news on price or availability as yet but head over to the website for more news.

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Critter and Guitari ONDA

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