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critter and guitari microphone

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The Critter and Guitari Microphone is a new development from the same innovators that brought us the Organelle. It may look like a rather edgy gardening accessory, but this funky-looking sprinkler head is in fact an extremely versatile recording tool with an integrated preamplifier.


This mic could be one of those recording accessories you never knew you needed. Its straightforward design and compact form factor make it an interesting prospect for even the most outlandish recording ideas.

What makes the Critter and Guitari Microphone different?

The first thing you’ll notice is the lack of an XLR output. Instead, the mic has a 1/4″ jack output, and the variable gain controls allow you to connect it directly to your amp, your pedal board, or even your Eurorack synth if you have the correct inputs.

Point is, from the get-go, you can immediately see a very creative and utilitarian design philosophy shining through in almost every aspect of this neat little mic.

The mic is an active omnidirectional electret condenser, powered by one 2032 coin cell battery (included). With the mic stand attachment, the total weight is 76g, which is astounding, but the PLA body makes this possible.

Critter and Guitari Mics

Available in ten different colours.

The key to the design is the amount of control you have over the gain without the need for additional equipment. The switch on the left powers the mic on, and will obviously conserve battery power when it’s not in use.


Meanwhile, the right switch allows you to select either high or low gain modes depending on what source you’re dealing with. The knob is for fine-tuning your gain even further, so you can really optimize your signal-to-noise ratio.

Pricing and Availability:

The Critter and Guitari Microphone is available in ten vibrant colours, directly from the official website for $80.

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Critter & Guitari Organelle S
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critter and guitari microphone

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4 responses to “The Critter and Guitari Microphone is an innovative recording tool”

    Sargent Savage says:

    Cheaper take on the RØDE VideoMic NTG, integrated preamp, rechargeable battery etc….not bad!

    J. Scan says:

    The sound in the video ist not particularly impressive. No reason to believe this is anything more than a $2 condenser capsule in trendy colored plastic housings.. There are numerous superior quality mics at this price point – even stereo. It’s obvious from the video this is targeting folks who don’t sense reasonable audio quality.

      Jesus Christ says:

      I’ve found this to be the case with pretty much everything they do. They make some very cool device – the Organelle in particular, but they all sound like garbage.

    Satan says:

    They look like surveillance cameras, and I feel they’re trying to normalize a society where everyone is constantly monitored.

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