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C&G EYESY  ·  Source: C&G


Boutique electronic instrument makers Critter & Guitari has a new visual box of tricks that will generate fabulously dynamic video projections in response to your music.



As with all Critter & Guitari instruments it’s a cute little box with those fun little wooden buttons that you find on the Organelle. C&G already have a very similar video synthesizer called ETC which they released a couple of years ago. They say that EYESY is an evolution of ETC and has a lot more to offer.

The idea is very simple. You plug in your music and EYESY generates the videos out of the HDMI or Composite output. You then have a few buttons and 5 knobs to play with which undoubtedly mess about with the visuals. It’s perfect for live performance and has all sorts of depths to it for programming and shaping your own graphics.

EYESY has a bunch of pattern generators called “Modes”. Each mode responds to audio in different ways from smooth undulations to rapid-fire animations. The 5 knobs then control various aspects of the modes, patterns and colours. It is also fully MIDI controllable and you can assign CC numbers to all sorts of parameters and sequence the visuals at the same time as the music.


C&G EYESY · Source: C&G

Modes can be accessed via a webpage interface. You can store and retrieve saved scenes and patterns or share them with other EYESY users. You can program your own if you’d like to get into a bit of Python coding.

It all runs on a Raspberry Pi with 1GB of memory and 8GB of SD card storage.

The visuals have a classic 80s video-style effects and old school graphics feel to them. You’ll find no actual video footage or photographs in this box, it’s all generated by code. But the quality of the patterns and detail level is excellent, it’s not 8-bit pixelated, it’s smarter and slicker than that.

They’ve already smashed their Kickstarter goal and you can get in on the action for $295, which is $100 off retail and should get delivery in June.

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