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Critter and Guitari 5 Moons

Introducing the Critter and Guitari 5 Moons.  ·  Source: Critter and Guitari


The Critter and Guitari 5 Moons is an innovative new multitrack looper, giving you a quick and easy way to create song ideas and demos.


Critter and Guitari are known for their wholesome approach to musical instruments design, creating recording tools with an inspiring edge that will appeal to artists in any style of music.

Critter and Guitari 5 Moons

At first glance, the 5 Moons is a simple 5-track mono recorder and looper. However, with the touch of a button, you can quickly sum all tracks to a single channel.

This way, you free up the other four tracks for further creative input, and you can keep repeating this process of bouncing tracks down until you’re happy with the result.

The beauty of this instrument is how easy it is to use. No prior experience is required with musical instruments or audio technology of any kind. Just dive in and get creating!

The 5 Moons records at 16-bit 48 kHz and provides roughly 7GB of storage on the included microSD card. It’s powered via USB and you all the associated recordings are automatically stored in project folders which you can access on your Mac or PC.


You can also incorporate the Critter and Guitari Microphone, giving you a compact solution for creating your own bank of loops and one-shots for your productions.

The overall appeal of the 5 Moons is the way it encourages the user to work with intuitive real-time workflows. Moreover, without the initial linear, grid-based approach of a DAW, the results are likely to have a more organic human feel about them.

Pricing and availability:

The 5 Moons is currently available directly from the Critter and Guitari online store at a price of $325.

More about the Critter and Guitari 5 Moons:


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Critter and Guitari 5 Moons

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