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Eventide have published an interesting story about a collaboration between Tony Visconti and themselves that is nearing completion. They are apparently developing a plugin together based upon some of Visconti’s best work. In particular, it was dreamt up around the time Visconti was working on David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ album. Although this is clearly good marketing hype, this does sound quite interesting.

The story goes that during a meeting between Visconti and Eventide’s Adrienne Humblet, Joe Waltz and Tony Agnello, they realised many similarities in their careers. This lead onto discussions in production techniques and similarities in their belief’s. Visconti also explained how he created many of his signature sounds with Eventide gear over the years.

Whilst Visconti explained how he and Bowie worked together on the album ‘Heroes’, they soon came to the realisation that these production techniques could be implemented into a modern plugin. Eventide are describing this new effect as a secret for now, but the cat is truly out of the bag! Let’s hope they deliver something soon.

Time to watch this space! If a plugin does materialise from Eventide in partnership with Visconti, then it’s sure to be a good one. I just hope that it has a professional approach, and not another of these ‘one knob’ plugins that a monkey could operate.

For an interesting read, see the official story here:

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