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Eventide's Tverb  ·  Source: Press Release from

Eventide's Tverb modeled on Hansa Studio's Meistersaal, Berlin  ·  Source: Press Release from


Here’s another story ahead of tomorrow’s (08/04) official release following a few leaks across the net. We already heard about the partnership that was developing between Tony Visconti and the lead engineers and programmers at Eventide, and it appears they have developed a really interesting reverb plugin.
See here my previous post about the announcement of this plugin coming:


It was already an interesting and quite timely story as Visconti was discussing with the developers at Eventide, his work on the previous David Bowie album ‘Heroes’, which was recorded in Berlin at Hansa Studios. It now transpires that he was forced into capturing Bowie’s lead vocal in an unique way which I find fascinating. After they had recorded all the musical elements for the title track, Visconti was only left with one channel for the vocal. This soon lead to one of Visconti’s signature sounds.

Visconti wanted to capture Bowie’s voice with the natural ambience that Hansa Studio’s Meistersaal offered, and so set up a special mic arrangement. He placed a close mic for Bowie to sing into, and then 2 more mics at different points down the hall. Playing with gates on the two distant mics, Visconti created the unique sound we can hear on the record today. This new plugin by Eventide offers this unique and very special arrangement in one page. Making use of the advantages of modern plugins, everything can be automated including the position of the two distant mics. We of course can now also hear the results in stereo too.

This is a really exciting plugin with an interesting story behind it. There are no audio examples or demo’s to try yet, but I can only imagine it will be excellent. Here are some quotes from Eventide and Visconti that offer an insight into their journey together:

“One of the challenges in developing Tverb was to design reverbs that captured the rich ambience of the Meistersaal and yet were efficient, ensuring that the plugin would run native without burdening the DAW’s CPU”, commented Eventide’s Tony Agnello. “By running the three independent reverbs, the two far microphones can be convincingly placed anywhere in the hall.”


“I have plugins that emulate rooms but this concept, to have the set-up all on one page, I never thought it was possible” commented Tony Visconti, adding “The 3 microphones are correct, the room is correct, and now that it’s in stereo, you’re actually hearing something that I never got around to doing when I was in Berlin. It’s just great. “

Tverb will be available in AU, VST and AAX formats, for Mac and PC. An introductory price of 149 USD will be available until 31st May 2016, whereafter the price will rise too it’s recommend retail of 249 USD.

Nothing was published on Eventide’s web site at the time of writing this, but keep watch tomorrow:

From EMI’s YouTube channel, here is David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ record:

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