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Novation Circuits

Novation Circuits  ·  Source: Novation

Novation has some teasers to share ahead of the official release of the new Circuit Track and Circuit Rhythm in about a week.


New Circuits

We saw some leaked photos of the new Circuit Track and Circuit Rhythm at the end of last year. They appear to offer a refreshed look, some MIDI sequencing, probability and sampling in the Rhythm version. We’ll not get the official details until the 9th February but in the meantime Novation will be releasing clues and teaser videos in the days ahead.

They are kicking off with a video on Facebook looking back at the Circuit legacy:

We’ll add any further official videos, images or bits of information to this article as they appear. In the meantime what features would you like to see in the new Circuits?

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3 responses to “New Novation Circuits coming on the 9th February”

  1. Alexander Smith says:

    These build ups are just tragic

    • JM says:

      Bored sh*tless. Nobody cares. I mean take that Aphex Twin name dropping hype. The anticlimax of a decade.

  2. Victor The Cleaner says:

    I like Novation but the Circuit isn’t my cup of tea. The Summit, the Peak and even the classic old Ultranova, yes. The new Circuit will have its crowd and it’ll sell, but for me it’s the MC707 every time. Best reasonably cheap item Roland have ever made, I’d say…

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