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Bluguitar AmpX

Bluguitar AmpX  ·  Source: Bluguitar

With an analog preamp and dynamic impulse responses, the new BluGuitar AmpX sounds very promising and will be presented at NAMM 2020.

Neural Analog Nanotube

Imagine the Amp1, now make it bigger and better. That’s my first impression of the AmpX. Unfortunately, there is no feature list that provides a quick overview, but you can read a few details on its product page. What we do know is that it uses Blug’s Neural Analog Nanotube technology to help you get the amp tones you are chasing.

BluGuitar AmpX

The AmpX is housed in a larger format case, has 6 foot switches and therefore, quite wide. Above the foot switches you will find controls similar to the Amp1 – volume, gain, 3-band EQ, presence and amp models – modern, classic, vintage, clean, as well as buttons for boost and mid-boostmod, reverb (along with the control for the intensity) and, of course, the master. The overdrive section is no longer there. In the end, there is still a NanoTube, with an output power of 100 watts.

Bluguitar AmpX

Bluguitar AmpX

New Features

The new digital part of the amp has its controls tucked away neatly behind a hinged cover. On the left side are Boost, Time, Feedback, Sound, Volume and Powersoak controls, while the right side has four LED buttons (Pedal, Amp, FX, Cab) and the FX section separated with (OLED?) Display.

The German manufacturer has not yet revealed exactly how this works, but it is probably as follows: Press the button and select the setting on the display with the controller below.

In addition, there are the so-called blug prints, which deliver amp emulations carried over from the Amp1, as well as so-called dynamic impulse responses, which should adapt to the sound like a real box when the volume changes. I’m really excited to see what Blug has developed here. There should also be effects in the cloud “BlugPrint Sound Library”.


Bluguitar AmpX Wing

Bluguitar AmpX Wing


Included in the package is the Amp X-Wing, a separate expression pedal, so to speak, which can be attached to the left or right either (or simultaneously). A pretty good idea if reasonably priced.


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