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BluGuitar 100W Amp1 Iridium Edition

BluGuitar 100W Amp1 Iridium Edition  ·  Source: BluGuitar

The latest product from German guitarist and amp designer Thomas Blug is the new all singing, all dancing, Metal-orientated BluGuitar Amp1 Iridium Edition. It packs in 100-watts of power and uses Nanotube technology to get its tones.

BluGuitar 100W Amp1 Iridium Edition

The brand new BluGuitar Amp1 Iridium Edition is a 100 watt, very portable amp set with a voicing clearly aimed at the Metal market. Unlike Blug’s previous incarnations, which have all been Blues/Rock orientated, this new edition is clearly marketed for modern hard rock and beyond.

Modern, Classic, Vintage

With three distinct channels the 100-watt Amp1 Iridium Edition uses its Nanotube-enhanced overdrive channels to give you the tones you need for modern metal tones. Modern – this one has enhanced string separation; Classic – has increased mid content; Vintage, aimed at tight, ‘woody’ tones, and should be fine even with low tunings.

Each of the three channels can be tweaked via tone controls, which adjusts the midrange quality, and there is also a high-headroom clean channel at your disposal as well. Therefore you have four useable channels at your disposal to play with, which is pretty reasonable for a modern amp.

BluGuitar 100W Amp1 Iridium Edition

BluGuitar 100W Amp1 Iridium Edition

Fly Rig

The Iridium Edition also includes an onboard boost and built-in noise gate, plus a handy recording output with analog speaker simulator onboard. So it can be used easily as a fly rig and also for recording duties, making it a flexible unit. You also get a parallel/series fx loop for your external effects and it works with MIDI or the optional BluGuitars REMOTE1 pedal.

BluGuitar released an official YouTube demo of the new Iridium Edition in action and not sounds pretty decent. Therefore, it could be a viable solution for players that need to travel light, but still want tight high gain tones, It will certainly be lighter than the average 100 watt guitar head, as it weighs in at a measly couple of pounds in weight.


RRP – USD 849

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