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Epiphone DC PRO

Epiphone DC PRO  ·  Source: Epiphone

Epiphone have impressed me with their products of late. It looks as though 2019 follow in the same vein: its latest announcement is the Epiphone DC PRO, an AAA flame maple top, double cut design with some seriously cool ’70s flair.

Epiphone DC PRO

Epiphone’s DC PRO is a modern double cut design with a AAA flame maple ‘veneer’ top. The body and 24.75″ neck are both mahogany and the neck has a Pau Ferro fretboard. It’s glued-in, has a ‘Custom C’ shaped profile and is fitted with 24 medium jumbo frets.

This instrument comes loaded with Epiphone ProBucker humbucking pickups, each with a coil-splitting mode for extra tonal variety. It also uses a treble bleed circuit, to keep your highs intact when you turn down the guitar volume. The twin Volume and Tone controls are wired via a three-way toggle switch located on the top horn.

The hardware wise is finished in nickel throughout, including a set of Grover 18:1 ratio tuners and Epiphone’s LockTone Tune-o-matic style bridge. Epiphone has even thrown in a set of own-branded strap locks.

DC PRO Wild Ivy

DC PRO in Wild Ivy

All the colours

The DC PRO will be available in the following colours: Black Cherry, Faded Cherry Sunburst, Midnight Ebony, Mojave Fade and Wild Ivy.

I like this look. It is reminiscent of my old Washburn ‘Wing Series’ Falcon or perhaps an old ’70s Hamer. Either way, I think it looks like a great ‘balls to the wall’ rock guitar. If the price is right it could be a decent seller. It would have some serious competition from PRS SE range, but if Epiphone pitch this correctly I think they will sell bucket loads.

You can read up on the full details of the new Epiphone DC Pro via the official link below.


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by Jef
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1 year ago

Awesome looking guitar ! I just stumbled on it today. $599 isn’t a bad price either. Might trade my Dean Evo for one. It would also look great as a 12 string. Agree ?

David P. Makowski
6 months ago

The Epiphone DC Pro is an awesome looking double cut away electric guitar. I believe the maple cap is solid and not a veneer. My only gripe is the Pau Ferro fretboard. Why not use the traditional rosewood? If this guitar had a “true” rosewood fretboard I would already own one or even two. Pau Ferro is a deal breaker for me. I want rosewood!

2 months ago

Rosewood is an endangered spices of wood so guitar companies are no longer allowed to sell it. That’s why…i like rosewood more but the epiphones pau Ferro is probably some of the best pau Ferro I’ve felt. But yes pau Ferro sucks. Looks lame feels dry. That said this guitar despite all the fluff is unfinished… I had mine for like 8 hours fought with it for hours before sending it out to a pro to redo the frets. I also had to replace both pickups because the probuckers i got are garbage… Only reason I kept the guitar was… Read more »

2 months ago
Reply to  Ray

Guitar makers are still allowed to use and sell Rosewood. Just a lot of paperwork involved (less than before, under the revised CITES regulations). Some companies have simply chosen to move away from it.
I’d rather have Richlite over Pao Ferro, which I think is an ugly and low quality wood.