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Flame Maander

Flame Maander  ·  Source: Flame

Modular maker FLAME is showing a prototype desktop synthesizer called MÄANDER that’s also a filter bank and live sequencer.

Update: Video below!


What we know so far is that the sound engine is 4-voice polyphonic Wavetable and is compatible with wavetables from the 4VOX module. It has unison modes and controls such as Colour and Glide along with twin LFOs and an ADSR envelope. But what immediately strikes you is the 12 band filter bank. It’s fully analog with 8 filter types: high-pass, three band-pass modes, notch, low-pass and LP / BP as well as LP / HP combinations.

The sequencer is a “live sequencer” which means it’s probably a bit more like an arpeggiator.

Hopefully, more details will emerge as the show opens.

Flame Maander

Flame Maander

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