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NAMM Line 6 G10S Wireless System 2019

Line 6 G10S Wireless System  ·  Source: Line 6

Line 6 G10S pedal format wireless system

Line 6 G10S a new pedal format wireless system  ·  Source: Line 6


Line 6 has launched a new Relay G10S stompbox guitar wireless system for your 2019 it has 24-bit audio quality and a 130-foot range. A perfect plug-and-play system for gigging?


Line 6 Relay G10S

With 24-bit quality, 130′ line of sight range and a solid metal construction pedal format, the new Line 6 G10S simple to use, similar to their G10 model and still manages to have the high-quality features we require as gigging musicians.

It also has a nice large ‘stage friendly’ RF and battery status indicators, so you know what is going on when using it. The unit has both a 1/4″ main output t pedalboard/amp and an XLR output, which means you can send your signal to FOH or a PA system.

Line 6 G10S

Line 6 G10S – Rugged and stage friendly pedal format · Source: Line 6


The rechargeable battery in the transmitter gives you up to 8 hours of playing time and all from a single charge. You just place it on the pedal shaped receiver  to charge it

If it doesn’t sense a signal after 4 minutes it will preserve your battery by going to sleep. It comes with a charger, but you can also power it from a pedalboard power supply or micro-USB.

I also like the fact it mutes your signal when it senses you have unplugged your instrument. The G10S can handle all impedances and give you unity gain, so whether you play an active bass or an old vintage electric guitar, it will handle your signal with no problems.


No Cable

Of course, the actual wireless technology is also important here, as I mentioned earlier it has 130′ line of sight wireless range. It also automatically searches for one of the 11 channels, or you can select one and no need for a licence to use it anywhere in the world.

Then there is the Cable Tone switch which simulates using a regular guitar cable and will roll off some of the highs, to simulate using one.

Overall I am impressed with this new pedal format layout and think it offers a lot for guitarists wanting to go cable free and enjoy all the advantages that give you as a musician.


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NAMM Line 6 G10S Wireless System 2019

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2 responses to “NAMM 2019: Line 6 Relay G10S stomp box wireless system”

    Steve R says:

    about time they fixed the issues with the previos g10. Sadly at the price point the BOSS WL is the better option

      Ujn Hunter says:

      Is it though? The Boss only has 1 output and is half the range? I’m really hoping the manual channel selector and increased range with a signal strength indicator fix my issue with the original G10 Receiver and it’s 1 second random dropouts.

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