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Line 6 G10S

Line 6 G10S - Rugged and stage friendly pedal format  ·  Source: Line 6

NAMM Line 6 G10S Wireless System 2019

Line 6 G10S Wireless System  ·  Source: Line 6


Relay G10 wireless systems receive a safety recall from Line 6 over fears the systems are becoming dangerously hot during recharging. Social media complains Line 6 has waited too long and is doing too little to address the situation… 


Relay G10 Wireless Recall

Line 6 has issued a safety recall on the following Line 6 wireless systems: Relay G10, Relay G10S, and Relay G10T. Anyone who’s purchased one of these systems prior to February 2020 should head over immediately to the Line 6 website and install the latest firmware update, which will solve the overheating issue.

Cases of “extreme overheating” have been reported, obviously a scary prospect. We’ve all read stories of overheating mobile phones catching fire; we can’t help but wonder if this is the “extreme overheating” Line 6 is referring to?

UPDATE: Since this post was published: Line 6 has been in touch to tell us that in the four reported cases the overheating of the battery “caused the top of the unit to break and separate”. According to Line 6, there have been no incidences of fire or burning caused by this issue.

Introduced at NAMM in 2016, the Line 6 Relay G10 was advertised as “The Easiest Guitar Wireless Ever”. The transmitter charges from the receiver with a simple dock. It’s this charging dock facility which is causing the problems.

USB Charging Cable goes in the trash…

Also affected is the Relay G10T USB Charging Cable. If you’ve bought one of these… Well, basically you need to stop using it. If you can prove to Line 6’s satisfaction that you’ve destroyed it – how is left to your imagination – Line 6 will give you a refund.


The Line6 Relay G10T USB Charging Cable (an optional accessory not included with Relay G10, Relay G10S, or Relay G10T), which may be used to connect a G10T transmitter to a powered USB port, can also contribute to extreme overheating in the transmitter. The Relay G10T USB Charging Cable cannot be repaired and the concern cannot be remedied by a firmware update to other Relay G10 products. If you purchased a Relay G10T USB Charging Cable, please discontinue using it. Owners of the cable who provide satisfactory proof of its destruction will receive a refund.

Too Little Too Late?

Without a doubt, this is a potential PR disaster for Line 6, although unquestionably we applaud their decision to issue a safety recall. The disgruntled comments on Line 6’s Facebook page, however, tell a rather different story…

Judging by the user comments responding to Line 6’s Facebook post, it appears the charging issues have been ongoing now for months; Line 6’s response to quietly withdraw stock from retailer’s shelves. Furthermore, long-term owners of Relay G10 systems are facing greater disappointment and poor service from Line 6.

Long-term users are reporting battery life now down to as little as a few minutes after a charge, as well as the widely reported hot-charging issue. Disappointingly, it seems, Line 6 has chosen not to extend support to warranty expired units; those with faulty transmitters are forced to buy new replacements.

We’d urge Line 6 to make good with their users; it seems clear that all the battery life, overheating and charging issues are down to a design flaw. Granted, the Relay G10 wireless isn’t the most expensive system in the world, but it shouldn’t be rendered junk after just a few years. Are you a G10 user? What’s been your user experience? Let us know in the comments below.

NAMM Line 6 G10S Wireless System 2019

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13 responses to “Too hot by far: Line 6 recalls Relay G10 Wireless System due to “extreme overheating””

    Nathanael says:

    I’ve had mine for two years and I have not experienced this problem (nor have I updated the firmware) – but I do keep it in a cool basement room. I don’t know if that makes any difference.

    Dan says:

    Mine was working fine. But after doing the firmware update the receiver doesn’t work.

    S B says:

    If you update the transmitter to the v1.05 firmware Line 6 insists upon, your battery life will degrade because the firmware change lowers the maximum voltage that the Li-ion battery will charge to.

    It’s obvious that a 3.7V rated battery that can’t be charged to 3.7V is the problem and deserves replacement rather than a firmware update workaround that simply reduces the amount of battery life that was previously advertised when you bought your Relay G10.

    BH says:

    I also fell victim to their FW update FAIL, thinking I was doing the right thing. Now I have battery life decreased to <2hrs, far from the 6+ hours they continue to tout in their advertising. Their support is atrocious (replacing with new units having the same issue is not acceptable). I honestly don't know why there hasn't been a class action launched, as their refusal to properly remedy the issue, or offer full refunds voids consumer protection laws in many countries.

    Harry Halstead says:

    I have had mine for about 4 years now, only problem was the mini usb jack that broke so i replaced it about two years ago with a 1/8 jack and a new heavy cord. I don’t ever leave it unattended while charging. love the product and still going on same battery. LINE 6 G10

    Harry Halstead says:

    I have had mine for about 4 years now, only problem was the mini usb jack that broke so i replaced it about two years ago with a 1/8 jack and a new heavy cord. I don’t ever leave it unattended while charging as to not over charge battery if that is possible. love the product and still going on same battery. LINE 6 G10

    Brian says:

    I bought the g10s in March 2020. I had recharge problems a couple times in the summer when it got really hot inside the house. I just updated the firmware last week and so far it is operating normally. Over I am happy with this system and have not had too many problems with it. If this one breaks I will definitely continue to use a wireless setup, but probably not a line 6. It would be hard to go back to cables after using wireless.

    Joe Holland says:

    My G10S is over 3 years old. Never changed software. My G10S has performed flawlessly. I will continue to use it. It has never gotten hot. Best cordless I’ve ever purchased.

    Olaf says:

    Hello, I have used two transmitters (one was replaced under guarantee) and both of them overheated and couldn’t be used anymore. Tonight the second one overheated so extremely that I was afraid to get a fire in my guitar room. It is really a very (!) bad and dangerous product!!!
    When it is functioning well it’s a very nice wireless system, but the danger of getting a fire when charging the transmitter is really the worst!!!

    Louis pierre Chauvin says:

    Had one for two years. Playing a few hours per week with it. Battery is now dead and can’t be replaced. Poor customer service. Never again

    Timothy M Bailey says:

    I purchased a new Relay G10 wireless system from Amazon back in May of 2021. It worked perfectly, and had always lasted between 6-7 hours per charge. Late last month (October) I was gently reminded by Line 6, about that incredibly important firmware “upgrade” for the Relay series!!!

    Like a sheep, I downloaded the latest firmware updater from their Line 6 website (but, only after clicking off a bright red, full-page WARNING graphic, telling me how important the latest firmware upgrade was!). So, I updated the Receiver and Transmitter exactly as instructed, no issues. However, After rebooting the units, I realized there was a big problem.

    Now, the battery no longer charges correctly, and after a full charge (3+ hours) the transmitter runs for between 1-5 minutes before turning red, dropping the connection, and the red light going out completely. I filed a ticket with Line 6, which they are ignoring. Instead, I was reminded that these products only have a 90 day warranty, and that my “choosing” to updating the firmware is my problem, not their problem!!!

    However, they will gladly sell me their “new” improved Transmitter for $149.99 which they suggest (with no guarantees) should fix the problem. Or, I can send my unit into Line 6 (on my dime) and they will gladly charge me an hourly rate to diagnose, and attempt to repair my Transmitter (again, with no guarantees).

    So, in the end their product lasted 5 months and 12 days before I bricked it after installing their incredibly important firmware upgrade! In retrospect, that firmware “upgrade” was really issued because they kept catching on fire during the charging cycle, and they didn’t want to have to recall thousands of units and replace them. Instead they gently coached customers, like myself, into installing an important firmware “upgrade” that would secretly solve their legal issues (and brick thousands of wireless systems in the process). Of course, Line 6 selling thousands of new “improved” transmitters was just an unexpected bonus for them.

    Shawn Fuller says:

    Even before the update, the battery in my G10S never lasted an hour. Very disappointing for the price I paid.

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