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Elektron Model: Samples

Elektron Model: Samples  ·  Source: Elektronauts

Elektron Model: Samples

Elektron Model: Samples  ·  Source: Gearslutz

Elektron Model:Samples - that's better!

Elektron Model:Samples - that's better!  ·  Source: YouTube

Updated: We now have all the official details of Elektron’s mysterious new box of beats. It has the slightly jarring name of “Model: Samples” and is a 6-track sampling production workstation.

Model: Samples

All the sounds are sample based. Each of the 6 tracks can be MIDI tracks triggering samples or straight recorded audio tracks. Also per track you get a resonant multimode filter, an assignable LFO and a 64 step sequencer. At the end of the chain is a delay and reverb effect available on sends. The specs feel a lot like something along the lines of a Korg Volca, in terms of being compact, relatively simple, instantly accessible and fun. But despite being a “sampling” production workstation it actually has no inputs to allow to “sample”.

It does ship with 300 preset sounds from with lots and lots of classic drum kits and other melodic sounds. A certain amount of editing is possible to make the sounds your own or you can port your own samples across via USB. Internally there’s 1GB of storage and 64MB of sample memory.

There are 6 velocity sensitive pads to play with and a field of knobs for everything you need to tweak. You can save 96 projects with 96 patterns per project and all sorts of parameters can be recorded into the legendary Elektron sequencer. You can also sequencer externally via the MIDI output.

I confess that I am slightly underwhelmed by the look, the name, the feature set and the $399 price tag. It sounds like a cool little sample-based groove box and would be a great thing to have for banging out some tunes on the move. It just lacks a bit of pizazz and feels expensive. But all these things are purely subjective and drawn from looking at a leaked image of something I’ve never seen in action. The name also suggests that we could be in for more in the series like Model: Keys or Model: Synth or Model: Kalimba or something. It could be awesome – let’s see when the videos start to arrive…

Here’s one and undoubtedly the adding of the decals makes it look about a thousand times better – I hope they are included in the box. Nice demo!

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5 responses to “NAMM 2019: Official – “Model: Samples” is Elektron’s new Sampling Production Workstation”

  1. I don’t think it’s accurate to call this a “sampler” when it doesn’t seem to have an audio input or evident UI for capturing or managing samples from external audio. To be a bit pedantic, this might only be called a “sample player,” like the RYTM Mark 1

  2. Max says:

    I like the sound, I like the look, I like the size. At first I thought, finally elektron acknowledges the trend towards more control by giving the device more knobs. But the way they did it is like volca sample where you always have to select the instrument first and then all the knobs control parameters of that one instrument as opposed to how other typical drum machines (Roland, MFB, Arturia etc.) work. There you have a limited amount of knobs per instrument but they will always control the same instrument.

    Personally, I would rather trade in a number of control parameters for a more immediate interface. My dream instrument would be something like an 8-Track Tanzmaus with a 8×16 Step Sequencer Matrix. No modes, no menus, no distractions.

    Why does noone build this?

    Well, maybe I’m one of few in wanting this. 🙂

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