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Oversynth Model:Samples overlay

Oversynth Model:Samples overlay  ·  Source: Oversynth


One of the defining features of the Elektron Model:Samples is perhaps its lack of aesthetic character. It’s surprisingly plain and uninteresting looking for the usually on-trend Elektron. But don’t worry, Oversynth has you covered. They’ve produced a range of overlay’s for the groovebox that not only spice it up a bit but also give you much clearer information about what everything does.



They do overlays for all sorts of synthesizers and bits of hardware but I think they’ve nailed it with the Model:Samples. There are 8 to chose from ranging from my favourite “Foxwalker” with its vintage colours and clearly laid out sections, to “Max White” or “Max Black” with better labels and the stylish “Pattern Sequencer”.

They are easy to fit. All you need to do is carefully remove the knobs and the overlay sits over the top. It’s not a fully adhesive sticker, it just sticks in a couple of places making it easy and harmless to remove. There’s a video that shows you how to do it:

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It’s not going to change your life but it often surprises me how much a sense of workflow can be affected by the clarity of layout and pleasing colours.

The panel overlays for the Model:Samples are $35. You’ll also find overlays for the Neutron, DSI Evolver and Korg MS-20 Mini.

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Oversynth Model:Samples overlay

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