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Soulsby Atmultitron

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Soulsby’s focus was certainly more on the new Eurorack versions of the Atmegatron that I’ve reported on previously. But alongside they were showing a prototype polyphonic, proper looking, synthesiser called the Atmultitron.


There’s very little detail available so far and I haven’t come across any videos of it in use. What we know is that it’s a 6 voice polyphonic 8-bit synthesizer with a 3-octave keyboard. It will feature modular connectivity, wavetable sampling, sequencing and a versatile modulation system. With Soulsby the clue is usually in the name so the “At-multi-tron” is likely to have 6 Atmegatrons or a mixture of Atmegatrons and Oscitrons stuffed inside. They are all based upon the same Arduino Uno processor board.

Soulsby say they are looking to release in the middle of 2018 so maybe we’ll get to hear it next year.

For more information on Soulsby unique range of 8-bit synths and modules head over the website.

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