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Orange Acoustic Valve Pre-Amp.

Orange Acoustic Valve Pre-Amp.  ·  Source: Gearnews / Bonedo

Orange today revealed its brand-new Acoustic Pre-Amp, a stereo valve-driven acoustic preamp and active DI in a neat compact unit, that promises to packs some heat!

Twin Channels

This new unit is a twin channel affair and has separate controls for each of the gain, bass and treble controls. There is an onboard reverb effect shared between both channels and further controls for the main volume, line volume and two semi-parametric mids. There’s also a “Heat” control.  Rounding things off are Ground Lift A & B, Mute, Phase Inv. A & B, and a phantom power switch.


The Heat control adjusts the negative feedback applied to the 12AX7 valve, and can be fine-tuned to affect of the valve’s colouration of the overall tone.

Backing off the Heat is supposed to offer a warmer attack, while pushing it harder gives a more percussive attack to the overall sound. The rear of the unit has independent effects loops and balanced DI outputs for each channel. That makes it a potentially flexible piece of kit for acoustic players that gig, record or just want to experiment with their guitars effects and overall tone.

Simple and Flexible

I really like the concept and think that these could be very useful for many players because of the flexibility of design and also the simplicity of the user interface. It looks clean, well laid out and logically presented. No menus, sub menus or software patches here, just well-labelled controls and some useful options for routing your signal path.


Orange Acoustic Pre-Amp

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Kevin Huntsinger
Kevin Huntsinger

When is this going to be released? How much in U.S. dollars?