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Orange TremLord 30 combo & Pedal Baby 100 power amp

Orange TremLord 30 combo & Pedal Baby 100 power amp  ·  Source: Orange

Orange has announced a pair of new amps for 2019, the new TremLord 30 valve combo and the compact Pedal Baby 100 power amp. Of the two, the Pedal Baby is perhaps the more interesting development of an existing Orange amp concept.

Orange TremLord 30 combo

The new Orange TremLord 30 is a 30W 1×12 all-valve guitar combo with a built-in valve based tremolo and reverb. The amp is designed around an EL84 circuit and Orange are calling it their “most vintage guitar amplifier ever.”

Given the valve-based tremolo and two-spring reverb tank, I would certainly expect it to sound vintage. The reverb makes you think of amplifiers from the late ’50s and early ’60s. The EL84 circuit should also give you plenty of clean headroom for using with pedals.

The TremLord 30 has two distinct power settings called Headroom (30/15W) and  Bedroom (2W/1W). It has a post-tremolo effects loop and a single Laboce 12” speaker.

RRP – GBP 999


Orange Pedal Baby 100 power amp

Next up, Orange has also announced a new compact solid state power amp, the Pedal Baby 100. This 100W power amp was designed for guitarists using pedalboards and modellers. Its Class A/B design and has a “neutral” EQ, so when the basic treble and bass controls are at 12 o’clock, the EQ doesn’t affect the sound at all. The concept is to give players using modelling rigs a neutral amp with more classic amp tone than solid state amplifiers. It is also pretty damn lightweight at only 3kg!

The price is pretty reasonable and its small size and light weight makes it a handy piece of kit for gigging musicians. You should check out the video below for an overview and to see exactly how dinky it is.

Teeny Terror

I reckon this new mini amp is a natural progression from Orange’s Tiny Terror range in some ways. Orange has made gigging a much easier experience for many of us in recent years with their diminutive ‘lunchbox’ amps and the Pedal Baby 100 is another way of lessening the load.

RRP – GBP 299


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