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Orange Crush Acoustic 30 - The acoustic buskers dream amp?

Orange Crush Acoustic 30 - The acoustic buskers dream amp?  ·  Source: Orange


A new lightweight, portable and battery-powered option for electro-acoustic players, the Orange Crush Acoustic 30 is a two-channel combo amp that looks like an enticing proposition for the guitarist that needs to play out.


A portable twin-channel amp

The new Orange Crush Acoustic 30 is a neat-looking, battery-powered solution for acoustic guitar players that want a bit more volume. It’s angled like a wedge monitor, so it should project the sound quite nicely, which is just what you want when trying to reach an audience.

Orange Crush Acoustic 30

Orange Crush Acoustic 30

Orange Crush Acoustic 30

The Acoustic 30 has two channels on the Crush Acoustic 30. First up is Channel 1, your dedicated acoustic guitar channel. It has a handy pad switch that lowers the volume by 10 dB to help retain the signal quality when using pickups with higher output. That’ll help avoid situations where you there’s a danger of overloading the preamp and destroying your guitar’s clean tone.

Reverb and chorus effects are included, too, that can be blended in on both channels, so you have some basic effects to give your live sound some depth. Then you have a traditional three-band EQ and a Colour switch that boosts ‘presence’ and cuts the midrange frequencies.

Channel 2 is designed to accommodate either a mic or the input of a second guitar. There’s a phantom power function on this combined mic/line input to let you use condenser microphones.

Last up is a global notch filter to adjust the frequency of the narrow-Q filter. Use this to avoid feedback when playing – the last thing you need is howling acoustic guitars when you’re trying to attract an audience.

All, in all, this amp seems a well-specified little combo. The fact that it can be battery powered will certainly make it one to check out if you like to busk, or travel with your live guitar setup. Orange says you should get around three hours of playing time running from batteries at full volume, or around five hours at 50% volume.

The Orange Crush Acoustic 30 can be powered by either AA batteries or the supplied DC adaptor.

RRP – GBP 319 / USD 399


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Orange Crush Acoustic 30 - The acoustic buskers dream amp?

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